How are Royalties Distributed?


How are Royalties Distributed?

All licence fees received by COSCAP in respect of performing rights are placed into 4 pools for distribution:

  • Crop Over Festival  - all revenues received for live events during the CropOver Season
  • Broadcasting – all revenues collected from radio and television stations and cable operators
  • General – all revenues collected from general licensees (bars, restaurants, shops etc.)
  • Live Events – all revenues generated for live concerts with a fee of $5,000.00 or more

Since COSCAP is a non-profit company, royalties are distributed after deduction of the organisation's administration expenses. COSCAP distributes royalties to its members and to regional and international affiliated organisations.

The royalties from the broadcasting pool are allocated on the basis of samples.  This is because given the amount of money paid by the broadcasters based on the amount of data to be analysed, it would not be cost effective in terms of time nor money to analyse all of the programme logs.  Revenue from live events is paid directly to COSCAP’s members and affiliated societies on the basis of play lists collected at each event.  Revenue collected from the general pool is distributed on a pro rata basis to the amounts distributed from the broadcast pool.  However, with the acquisition of a digital monitoring system, COSCAP is increasingly distributing royalties on the basis of a census instead of samples.