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COSCAP is the acronym for the Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Incorporated. COSCAP is a non-profit entity incorporated under the Companies Act of Barbados.

Its key function is to administer the “non-dramatic” performing, transmission, broadcasting and reproduction rights in the musical works of its members and the members of affiliated societies. COSCAP does this by acting as a collective administration society negotiating “blanket licences” with music users which provides them with access to COSCAP’s very extensive repertoire.

Music Users

COSCAP Payment System (CPS)
COSCAP Payment System (CPS)COSCAP has designed a system which allows members to view their list of...
Quarterly Review - January to March 2014
THE Copyright Society Of Composers, Authors and Publishers (COSCAP) continued to offer support to...
Ep. 1 Blood JAN01_2012 1.mp3
Date of broadcast: 01/01/2012
Blood talks about his background and career in music.
Date of broadcast: 05/20/2012
Licensing your music for advertisements.  Rhea Williams and her music.

Bajan radio (Week ending Saturday, July 26, 2014). By BMAT

1 Dutti Hypasounds
2 Rollercoaster Red Plastic Bag (RPB)
3 Bacchanal Road Imani
4 Pankatang Biggie Irie
5 Last Man to Leave Lil Rick
6 Mega Monday Sanctuary
7 My Rum Gorg
8 Certified Feter Blood
9 How Ah Like It Edwin Yearwood
10 Ducking Fadda Fox