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COSCAP is the acronym for the Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Incorporated. COSCAP is a non-profit entity incorporated under the Companies Act of Barbados.

Its key function is to administer the “non-dramatic” performing, transmission, broadcasting and reproduction rights in the musical works of its members and the members of affiliated societies. COSCAP does this by acting as a collective administration society negotiating “blanket licences” with music users which provides them with access to COSCAP’s very extensive repertoire.

Music Users

Music Creators

Audio icon Ep. 1 Blood JAN01_2012 1.mp3
Date of broadcast: 01/01/2012
Blood talks about his background and career in music.
Audio icon COSCAP_MAY_20_2012.mp3
Date of broadcast: 05/20/2012
Licensing your music for advertisements.  Rhea Williams and her music.

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